Life is to short for boring Corporate Christmas Cards

SO here’s the thing… after a long hard year the last thing want is to receive a generic Christmas card, using the same script font you used last year just in a different colour. Lucky for me I got challenged to create something amazing for Black Khaki Advertising. The idea was to LITERALLY Cheers the staff in the face. The challenge was… with what? We can’t let good champagne go to waste so we opted for glitter instead…Check out the results below! WHAT FUN!

Savannah and Jacques

Couple shoots bring me so much joy! It’s about capturing love and happiness. What more could a Photographer ask for? Savannah and Jacques were filled with just that, love and happiness and JOY… so much darn JOY! Love comes so easy to these two and of-course they have a puppy too! Here’s to love, Here’s to Savannah and Jacques and here’s to their exciting love story!

Kai's Model Portfolio

I recently did a shoot for Kai, The brief was to create some alluring model portfolio pictures….. Yes i do model portfolio’s. We had a blast. We roamed around Maboneg looking for shadows and light. we ended the day on a high and with one of my favourite captures with Kai and some refections through a window. Contact me if you would like to up date you portfolio.

Shadow Play

SO I've recently started seeing shadows. Everywhere I look I see contrast and black and white. This is thanks to shooting with a Pentax K1000 Film camera for a while. Yes film is a struggle and yes I suck at it but I do truly believe it has improved my photography. If you had told me a two years ago I'd adore shooting portraits I would have laughed never mind shooting film. I recently shot with @jadeyfitpoole  she is so easy to work with and an absolute ray of sunshine! Here are some of my favorite shots from the freezing cold spring morning! This was shot on my Canon 70D with my beauty 50mm 1.4 

Newborn Photography, What Pinterest doesn't tell you!

My friend asked me to do the newborn shoot! HOW EXCITING, I'd only done one simple newborn shoot before this so I immediately jumped on Pinterest, read all the blogs about how to pose a newborn, how to swaddle them and how to set up a mini studio in my apartment. I pinned all the various poses and put together a look book. In theory it doesn’t look that hard. RIGHT?

5 hours later, one very grumpy cold baby and an exhausted mom, It was evident, YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW! So here is what I learnt.:

• It is not as easy as it looks – Moulding a tiny human is really hard.

• Work with what you have (it's ok not to get those perfect pinterest shots) use baskets, fluffy pillows and scarves. 

• Keep baby warm! Warm up the room at least half an hour before shooting. Use a heater and/or hot water bottle. The worst feeling is seeing the little ones' top lip quiver because he is cold. 

• Babies, tinkle…. A lot, so make sure you have extra towels and paper towels for when baby is naked! 

• Keep mom close by to help incase baby decides to to scream or turn over. 

• This one should be a no brainer but, STOP, FOCUS and BREATH.

• Stick to 3-4 looks, I rushed through the process because I was trying to do too many looks. 

Here are some of my favorite shots! 



City Blues

Hi Guys, I am Bianca and this is my very first blog post! Whoop Whoop! The idea is to share my journey through photography. The good, The bad and the Horrendously out of focus shots. I know I'm judging myself too! Here we go! 

I had the opportunity to work with Jaques Mollentze, Art Director, Toti Sculptor and Photographer Extraordinaire. The best part about working with Jacques (other than his rugged good looks) is he is so comfortable in his own skin and willing to try absolutely anything. Follow this Man Hunk on Instagram @jmollentze